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Council Outcomes

The purpose of local government is ‘to meet the current and future needs of communities for good quality local infrastructure, local public services, and performance of regulatory functions in a way that is most cost effective for households and business’ Section 10, Local Government Act 2002.

Considering the needs of communities in the present and for the future focuses Council's actions towards sustainable development. By identifying how Council can achieve good quality local infrastructure, local public services, and performance of regulatory functions in a way that is most cost effective this, by using outcomes, the community has an opportunity to voice a direction and to indicate priorities for the District. In particular, outcomes provide the framework for Council to target specific activities, projects or issues through the provision of its services. This is a different focus than previous where Councils purpose was focused on outcomes specifically.

The following are the outcomes that Council works towards achieving.


Healthy Communities and People

Caring for our People

  • That there is access to affordable and effective health and education services.
  • That the impact of waste on our environment is minimised.
  • That leadership is trusted, transparent, accountable and visionary, and takes an active approach to finding solutions.

Safe and Secure Living

Providing Safe Living

  • Core infrastructure (water, wastewater, waste management and minimisation, power, and roading) keeps pace with growth demand.
  • Excellent standards of safety and welfare are promoted and respected.
  • Zero tolerance to crime and violence.

Thriving and Prosperous Lifestyles

Providing Opportunities

  • That our economy prospers.
  • That our community provides effective role models, good parenting, career and life skills guidance for youth.
  • That employment opportunities for school leavers are encouraged and supported.
  • Our transportation and communication is reliable and meets the needs of users.
  • That alternative means of energy generation are promoted and available.
  • That there is a range of quality retail, entertainment, educational, health care, business and services to retain families and skilled workers to our District.
  • That there is a wide range of employment opportunities to encourage growth and provide career progression.
  • That economic diversity and core economic strengths are encouraged.

Vibrant and Diverse Living

Providing for Diversity

  • That the traditions, values and history of all ethnic groups are understood, embraced, respected, and celebrated.
  • That effective activities and facilities for youth are provided.
  • That excellence and achievement in sport, arts/cultural pursuits, community service and businesses are supported, recognised and rewarded.
  • That people work towards common goals and issues, and speak positively about our community.
  • That events and festivals that are within our District are fostered and celebrated.

Our Places - Natural and Beautiful

Caring for our Environment

  • That the community works together to ensure that our environment is accessible, clean and safe, and that our water, soil and air meets acceptable, affordable standards.
  • That the promotion of our District includes our natural rivers, bush and mountains as well as the built heritage, agriculture and railways.
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