Easter Sunday Shop Trading

​​​The proposed Draft Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy has been drafted on the basis that Easter trading should be allowed throughout the District. 

If it is adopted by Council all Ruapehu shops will be able to decide for themselves if they want to open on Easter Sunday next year (2018)  

Currently Ruapehu businesses do not have the choice on whether to open or not unless they are in an exempted industry such as service stations, dairies, restaurants and cafes, etc.

Changes to the Shop Trading Hours Amendment Act 2016 (the Act) came into force in 2016 enables councils to introduce local policies to allow shops to open across their entire District, or in part of the District, on Easter Sunday.

In addition to the current situation of only exempted businesses being allowed to open, Council could either allow Easter trading throughout the District, or allow it in only some parts of the District and not others.

The draft policy does not change anything relating to the sale and supply of alcohol.

Arguments for Easter Sunday trading.
  • ​Businesses and workers will benefit from an extra day’s trading and 

  • Visitors and tourists will have access to more amenities and activities at a peak holiday time. 

  • ​Would remove the inequity caused by the current law whereby shops in some tourist towns can trade on Easter Sunday and those in other tourist areas cannot.

Arguments against
  • ​​​​It would impinge on time for rest, relaxation, family and religious activities. 

Note: Provisions in the Act protect employee’s rights to refuse to work on Easter Sunday should they choose.

Key dates
  • ​Consultation period          Fri 1 Dec 17 to Fri 26 Jan 18

  • Submission Hearings        Wed 7 Feb 18 in Taumarunui

  • Deliberations                      Wed 14 Feb 18 in Taumarunui

  • Adoption                             Wed 28 Feb 18

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