Long Term Plan 2018 to 2028

​​​​​​What is a Long Term Plan and why it matters to you.

All councils in NZ are required to plan to ensure that the services we provide are sustainable. We also need to provide a way in-which our local communities can take part in local decision making.

The key method for doing this is with our ten year Long Term Plan (LTP). The LTP is produced every three years with a ten year horizon. It is in detail for the first three years and lesser detail for the remaining seven.  Inbetween each LTP councils produce an (Exceptions) Annual Plan (EAP). ​

The up-coming LTP is for the years 2018-2028 (previous LTP 2015-2025​) and will set out the ‘what, where, when, how and cost’ of all services and infrastructure that RDC plans to provide for the District over this next ten year period.  

This includes the levels and quality of service and infrastructure renewal the community will receive from Council e.g. level of road and footpath renewal and maintenance, level of service from libraries, water, storm and waste water, transfer stations and recreation facilities such as swimming pools and reserves, support for economic activities, etc.
  • The next Long Term Plan is for ten years from 2018 to 2028
  • ​It is a key planning and consultation document
  • First three years are in detail, remaining seven at higher level
  • Sets out what services, activities, infrastructure and objectives Council plans to deliver
  • Having your say on the proposed LTP is one of the best ways to influence Council thinking, direction and planned work programme.

​Finding out more and having your say.

The consultation on the 2018-2028 LTP will be open for a month from Friday 16 March 2018 and will close on Friday 13 April 2018.   
During this period Council will be asking residents and ratepayers, organisations, community groups, businesses and others who have a stake in the future of the Ruapehu District to have their say on how they see the main issues, choices and priorities confronting the District, and whether the direction set-out in the 2018-2028 LTP meets their expectations and priorities.

​LTP part of an on-going conversation.

Council is always seeking to understand what our communities and stakeholders feel about specific issues and on Ruapehu’s overall direction. While the LTP is a legal requirement of the Local Government Act that comes around every three years Council is in fact in continuous on-going conversations with our communities and other stakeholders.

These day-to-day, on-going conversations form a critical part of how Council understands the feelings and aspirations of Ruapehu communities and what is important to them. 

Public meetings, Facebook comment, Council customer services, Chat Space events and feedback to elected members and staff etc. all provide invaluable insights and understanding about how Ruapehu communities are doing. Council would like to encourage you to talk with us and provide your views on a regular basis in any way that suits you best. 

Your views help define the LTP issues and direction.

The insights all help to influence Council thinking and are a critical aid in the development of Council’s planning and the development of our next ten year plan. 

When the 2018-2028 LTP is put out for public consultation in March 2018 the issues and options in it will have been driven by the Ruapehu community and stakeholders. 

Stay informed, be heard - register your interest.​

If you would like a front seat at the LTP process and be kept advised of new information, key meetings, release of documents, consultation periods, etc. please register with us.​​
Your name or the organisation your represent.
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Email is the best way for Council to keep all interested parties informed on the LTP and associated issues.
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