Community Halls

​​​​​​Council aims to provide and maintain suitable and appropriate public halls throughout the District for social, recreational, cultural or educational purposes, or for the physical or intellectual wellbeing and enjoyment of the residents of the District.

For bookings and or enquires of booking the Taumarunui Memorial Hall and Manunui Hall please contact 07 895 8188.

​Hall Name​Address
​Taumarunui Memorial Hall​153 Hakiaha Street, Taumarunui
​Manunui Hall​Miro Street, Manunui

Other Halls in the Ruapehu District

Hall Name​Address
​​Horopito Hall​State Highway 4, Horopito
​Hikumutu Community Centre​Hikumutu Road, Hikumutu
​ Kaitieke Hall​Kaitieke Road, Kaitieke
​Kakahi Community Hall​397 Waitea Road, Kakahi
​Kariori  Hall​Powells Road
​ Kirikau Hall​10 Kirikau Valley Road, Kirikau
​Matiere Hall​2134 Ohura Road, Matiere
​Ngakonui Hall​Taumarunui-Ngapuke Road, Ngakonui
​​National Park Village Hall​Carroll Street, National Park Village
​NIho Niho Hall​Ohura North Road, Ohura
​Okakukura Community Hall​Ongarue Back Road, Okakukura
​Ongarue Hall​​Ongarue Village Road, Ongarue
​Ohura Hall​Ngarimu Street
​Otunui Hall​Otunui North Road, Otunui
​​Owhango Hall​​2157 State HIghway 4, Owhango
​Piriaka Hall​State HIghway 4, Piriaka
​Rangataua Hall​46 Nei Street, Rangataua
​Retaruke Hall​Oio Road, Retaruke
​Taringamotu Hall​Taumarunui-Ngapuke Road, Taringamotu
​Tokirima Hall​Tokirima Road
​Te Whakarae Hall​1035 RIver Road, Te Whakarae
​​Waitaanga Hall​Waitaanga North Road, Waitaanga


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