Water Services Notices

Wednesday 8 March 2017


Water restrictions are lifted for Raetihi.

Rain overnight has seen the Makotuku River level rise to 174 litres per second (l/s). The forecast for the rest of the week is for rain in Raetihi so we can expect the river levels to remain above the 115 l/s limit where water restrictions are put in place.

The Ruapehu District is reminded to be water wise. River levels can drop quickly following periods of drier weather. Every drop counts!

Monday 6 March 2017


Flow levels in the Makotuku River have reached 115 litres per second (l/s) over the weekend meaning that water restrictions are now in place for Raetihi. The graph below shows that Makotuku River levels peaked on 28 February following heavy rain, before falling to where they currently sit at 116 l/s.  

A sprinkler ban is now if effect, with Raetihi residents being asked to use hand held hoses only, in mornings and at night, if watering is necessary. Please conserve as much water as you can.

While not on water restrictions, Ohakune residents are also reminded to be water wise. Every drop counts!


Tuesday 20 December 2016

River Swimmability

With the Taumarunui outdoor community pool closed Council have created a new River Swimming Holes page on our website which links to Horizons and LAWA river swim spot safety information.

Note that although the outdoor pool is closed, the indoor pool on Golf Road is still open to the public. For more information see Council Swimming Pools page.

Water Restrictions

Over the drier months all residents of the Ruapehu District are reminded to be water wise at all the times.

By using known average daily water use in a home you can estimate how much water you use in your household.

Check the Whanganui and Makotuku River flow graphs regularly by following the instructions on Council River Flow website page.

Occasionally, in periods of low rainfall, Council finds it necessary to advise the community of water restrictions. Notification of water restrictions will be made on Council Facebook and Website pages, in the Ruapehu Press and Bulletin when  publications begin again following the Christmas/New Year break, and over the radio (Ski, Peak and Cruise FM).

When will restrictions be put in place?

  1. Water restrictions will be put in place when the Te Maire Bridge Recorder measuring flow in the Whanganui River reaches 29m3/second. This will be for:
    • Taumarunui
    • Owhango
    • National Park

2.  Water restrictions will be put in place when the State Highway (SH49A) Recorder measuring flow in
     the Makotuku River reaches 115 l/sec. This will be for:

    • Raetihi
    • Ohakune

What do restrictions mean?

Water Restrictions will include the following measures:

    • Sprinkler ban
    • Hand held hoses can only be used between the hours of 7.00pm - 9.00pm and 6.00am – 8.00am.
    • Follow advice for water conservation

Advice for Water Conservation

Please report water wastage and water leaks to your local Council office

​Please do​Please do not

        Take short showers instead of baths

​X       Wash cars or trucks

         Fix any leaks and dripping taps
           - Lush patches of grass may be an indication
             of a leak

​X     Fill swimming pools

√         Use full loads to wash clothes/dishes

​X     Water the garden in the heat of the day

√         Check water troughs

​X     Clean driveway /patio with hose

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