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25 August 2017

New Feature on Website - Find Your Water Toby

A new feature to assist customers to find their own water toby has been added to Council website. By finding your own water toby you'll avoid the fee charged by Council for carrying out a Toby Locate.

How do I access it? 
From the 'Find it' drop down list which is available on the right hand side of every website page.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Click on 'Find it'
  2. Select 'Your Water Toby' from the drop down list

You will be taken to the 'Find Your Water Toby' page.

On the 'Find Your Water Toby' page:
Type your street address into the new mapping function at the bottom of the page and use the tips provided to locate your water toby. 

Remember - the location shown is going to be indicative only so have a good look around the immediate area shown in the map.

Try it now!


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