Rural Fire

Ruapehu District Council has responsibility for fire control outside urban areas and DOC estate within the Ruapehu district. Anyone lighting an open air fire in this area should first confirm the Fire Season Status and whether a Fire Permit is needed.


There are three fire seasons you should be aware of:


  • Open fire season - means no fire permit is needed to light a fire in the open air
  • Restricted fire season - means a fire permit from the relevant rural fire authority is required to light a fire in the open air
  • Prohibited fire season - means a total fire ban and lighting of fires is not permitted in the open air

Current Fire Season

CURRENT FIRE SEASON - OPEN - No fire permit required in the Ruapehu District until further notice.

When do I need a permit?

You will need a fire permit during a Restricted Fire Season  Even if you have a permit, you are still responsible for a fire that spreads and causes damage.  Failure to obtain a permit for a fire is an offence against the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977.

 Rural Fire Permit to Burn Application Form

  • Permits are free and can be obtained via the link above or by phoning your local council office.
  • You can submit a fire permit form by mail, email or fax to  Customer Services at your nearest Council office.
  • Outdoor fires, apart from gas barbeques and incinerators, may require a permit.
  • During a restricted fire season, you will require a permit to light any fire in a rural area.
  • It is recommended that you plan ahead if you wish to light a fire in a rural area, as permits can take up to five working days to process.
  • Please don't ask for a "same day permit", as refusal may offend.​

Further helpful information 

Council provides free advice on safe fire practices including on site fire safety inspections at no charge.

There is also an excellent range of fire safety brochures which are available at all council offices.

See also the NZ Rural Fire Authority website:    NZ Rural Fire Authority

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