Improving Performance - CouncilMARK

​Local Government NZ Excellence Programme​

Ruapehu District Council is committed to a programme of performance improvement and lifting the value that we can provide to our communities and ratepayers. In addition to our desire to lift the value of services we provide to our own communities and ratepayers we are also committed to helping to lift public perceptions around the local government sector.

As part of this programme Ruapehu has committed to being part of the Local Government NZ (LGNZ) Excellence Programme called CouncilMARK. 

CouncilMARK is designed to improve the public's knowledge of the work councils are doing in their communities and to support individual councils to further improve the value they provide to all New Zealanders.

For further information visit the CouncilMARK programme website.

CouncilMARK is underpinned by significant research commissioned by LGNZ, including the New Zealand Local Government Survey ​of 3,000 citizens and businesses released in May 2015.  This provided vital country-wide insights into New Zealanders’ perceptions of local government.

The CouncilMARK programme aims to encourage councils to consider incentives for growing a culture of performance and includes a strong focus on fiscal strength and financial management. It is designed as a cycle of continuous improvement where-by every three years independent experts assess participating councils on four key performance indicators. These are:

  • ​Governance, leadership and strategy, 
  • Transparency in financial decision-making,
  • Service delivery and asset management and
  • Communications and community engagement.

Ruapehu Receives Inaugural CouncilMARK Rating of BB

​Ruapehu District Council (RDC) has received an inaugural CouncilMARKTM rating of BB under the Local Government NZ (LGNZ) excellence programme. The full Ruapehu CouncilMARK ​​report can be found here​.

The BB rating indicates that RDC is performing very well in some priority areas but needs improvement in others, has good capacity to meet community needs, and is balancing our short and long-term priorities.

​Council feels that the BB rating was a fair reflection of how we are currently performing. In summary, the assessors found that Council was performing well given the challenges of being a small organisation that services a geographically large district with challenging social demographics. 

The management of our infrastructure and community engagement were noted as particular strengths. Of the four priority areas finance was identified as an area needing improvement, which was feedback we had anticipated. 

For the past 14 months C​​ouncil’s finance department has been implementing a rebuilding programme to improve and develop its capabilities which has included investing in new people, training and information technology.

The CouncilMARK excellence programme is designed as a cycle of continuous improvement and we are very confident that when the next round of assessments take place in three years the financial issues identified this time will have been well and truly​ resolved.

​Ruapehu was one of six initial pilot councils and the only one in the ‘small, provincial and rural’ category that has had their CouncilMARK report published to date.

As more small rural councils like Ruapehu take part there will be further opportunities to share experiences, best practices and other learnings to help us improve our performance and the outcomes we are delivering to our communities​.

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