Pillars of Work

How Council goes about its work is as important as the work we do. As such Council has three central pillars of work that we ask staff to adhere to being:


Our job is to serve the people of the Ruapehu.  Every customer and community member is to feel that they are listened to, treated respectfully, and we ‘go the extra mile’ to find solutions for them;

We must:

  • be good and sincere communicators, and ‘do what we say we will do when we say we’ll do it’;
  • ensure that our customers, including other staff, are satisfied with our service;
  • each individually commit to building a great workplace; where every staff member “starts each day with a sense of purpose and ends each day with a sense of accomplishment.”


We must:

  • trust each other’s abilities and roles in the organisation;
  • respect each other’s different perspectives, cultures, life and work experiences - because these are strengths;
  • accept our limitations and need of others - to work together for better results for our customers and community.

Continuous Improvement

We must:

  • accept responsibility and accountability for our own work;
  • challenge and try to improve everything we do to deliver quality results;
  • not be afraid to lead change to deliver better services to our community;
  • commit to consistently achieving more cost effective and smarter ways to work;
  • provide effective and efficient services and assets to our communities at all times.

Page reviewed: 24 Oct 2016 1:30pm