Combined Financial Policies

Consultation has now CLOSED.

Council has considered changes to ​a number of its financial policies. These are the:

  1. Development Contributions Policy, 
  2. Rates Remission Policy  ​
  3. Rates Postponement Policy and
  4. Discounts for Early Payment of Rates

Although the changes proposed are not major legislation requires that we consult on them and we would like to hear what you think about the policy changes before they are finalised. 

Development Contributions Policy

The key proposal is that  a new exemption from Development Contributions be introduced for secondary dwellings, granny flats or self-contained residential units constructed on the same lot as a single family home. This is because such developments do not lead to a significant increase in
demand on existing infrastructure.

​Rates Remission Policy Review

There are no major changes proposed to the circumstances under which Council will remit rates. The minor changes include updating who has the authority to remit rates and standardising the terminology used to describe the kinds of rates that can be remitted. eg. it refers to uniform annual charge, uniform charges, uniform annual general charge. These will now be known as uniform annual charges. 

​Rates Postponement Policy Review

This policy defines the circumstances in which the Council may postpone rates. Postponement means that the payment of rates is delayed for a certain time or until certain events occur. 

The only change proposed is to increase the level of assets (other than the property, a car and normal household chattels), able to be held by the property owner applying for postponement from $20,000 to $22,000. Under the policy this threshold is supposed to be updated every three years, but it has not changed since 2012. 

​Policy on Discounts for Early Payment of Rates

Although Council has  offered a prompt payment discount for full payment of rates, if payment is received before the first instalment due date, for many years we have not had a separate written Policy covering this practice. 

As Council needs to decide on the level of discount each year as part of the rates resolution we have decided to develop a Policy to help inform and guide decision making. The key points of the Policy are:
  1. Discount for early payment of rates recognises the cash flow advantages of receiving income early,
  2. A discount will be given if annual rates are paid in full prior to the day the first rates instalment is due,
  3. The discount rate will be reviewed annually taking into account Council cost of borrowing,
  4. The discount rate will be set annually and adopted by Council resolution at the same time as other rates related decisions,
  5. Decisions relating to whether a ratepayer qualified for the discount are delegated to Council officers.

​More info.

For more detail please see the Statement of Proposal in the Document Links panel below. 

If you have any questions you can also contact Policy Team Leader Rebecca Bell​ or phone your local Council office.


In addition to the online feedback form below you can make a submission by:

Emailing the Policy Team​

​Writing to:  Ruapehu District Council, Free Post 492, Private Bag 1001, Taumarunui 3946​​​

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