Long Term Plan 2021-2031 Consultation Questions

Council's pre-Long Term Plan engagement highlighted a range of new and developing issues of concern to our communities. 

This early feedback showed that people continue to support our journey as they see and experience the benefits from the implementation of our earlier long term plans.

They reiterated a desire to see Council maintain our service levels and keep on top of infrastructure needs in traditional core service areas such as water, land transport and waste management, as well as a newer range of concerns and expectations notably around culture and the environment, access to services and housing. 

It is evident however, that whatever may be considered ‘traditional’ core services of councils that our communities expect us to us to play a broad role in promoting their social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being.

In the Long Term Plan we are  seeking feedback on a number of issues that impact on everyone who lives, works and plays in Ruapehu including:

  • 3 waters (drinking, waste and storm)
  • Township revitalisation
  • Supporting Council-Maori engagement
  • Council's role in housing
  • Proposed rating changes

Your feedback does not however need to be confined to our specific questions or these issues. You can provide feedback on any aspect of Council's activities or life in Ruapehu that you desire.

Having your say on the Long Term Plan is one of the best ways for you to influence our work programme and direction. You can give us feedback on these issues or any other issue around life in Ruapehu.

Before providing your feedback via the online form below please read our Consultation Document to ensure you are fully informed around the issues. Thanks.

If applicable
This is in case we need clarification on any of your comments
This allows us to keep you informed of any consultation decisions or other matters of interest
Water, debt and our pace of investment(optional)
With the possibility of Council's water responsibilities transferring to a new multi-regional entity should we be undertaking an accelerated capital works programme with large debt?
Township revitalisation(optional)
Council has made funding available to maintain our programme of township revitalisation. This funding is currently within the first five years of the Long Term Plan. Do you support this expenditure?
Council-Maori engagement(optional)
The Local Govt Act requires Council to support Maori to contribute to our decision-making processes. We currently have some limited Govt funding to support this and believe they should continue to fund Maori capacity to do so. The alternative would mean increasing rates or cutting levels of service to do so.
Council's role in housing(optional)
Like the rest of NZ Ruapehu has significant housing issues that are impacting on community well-being and our ability to provide better opportunities for people. While there is an expectation that Council plays a role in helping to resolve our housing crisis we have very limited ability to do so without Govt and other partner support. What do you think Council should do?
Proposed change to the Short Term Visitor Accommodation Rate by $100(optional)
The Short Term Visitor Accommodation Rate targets private holiday rentals to help support the i-SITEs and Visit Ruapehu. It is currently $200 per annum. Council is proposing to increase this to $300 per annum
Proposed change to the Land Forestry Targeted Rate(optional)
The Land Forestry Targeted Rate applies to commercial forestry blocks to compensate for their impact on our rural roads at harvest time. Council is proposing to increase the differential rating factor from 200% of the Land Transport targeted rate to 400%
Proposed new Warm Your Whare 'opt-in' targeted rate(optional)
Council wants to develop a policy whereby people could take part in a scheme to insulate their home and repay the cost through a targeted rate. Would you support this?
Proposed new 'opt-in' Shop Verandah Replacement Rate(optional)
Building owners are required to ensure that their buildings meet new Earthquake Prone Standards. Council wants to provide an option where they can strengthen and beautify their shop verandah and pay the cost back via their rates.
Proposed new Environmental Resilience Rate(optional)
New Govt environmental policy often requires Council to undertake things that are not funded by Govt. Council is proposing a new targeted Environmental Resilience Rate to cover these costs where there is no other funding mechanism.
Proposed change to the definition of a Separately Used and Inhabited Portion (SUIP)(optional)
Council wants to clarify what a SUIP is to make rate assessment clearer by including the following sentence into the definition: "Any dwellling ented out separately to the main dwelling will attract uniform charges"
Proposed new Rate Remission Policy - Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC)(optional)
Council is consulting on a new policy targeting properties that have more than one SUIP that will give a remission on one UAGC for these types of SUIPs
You can provide feedback or comment on any of Council's activities or issues around life in Ruapehu that you wish
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