Long Term Plan 2021-2031

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Your opportunity to influence Council's decisions and direction.

Every day,  nearly everyone living in, or visiting the Ruapehu District uses a service or facility looked after by Council – roads, water and rubbish services, libraries, play grounds, parks, reserves, swimming pools, building inspections, and community halls amongst other services.

Under the Local Government Act (LGA)​ councils are required to plan to ensure that all these services are sustainable while providing a forum where-by people can take part in local decision making. 

The key method for doing this is the Long Term Plan (LTP) which is produced every three years with a ten year horizon.

Our current Long Term Plan is for the period 2018/2028

The next Long Term Plan will be for the period 2021/2031.​

How does Council develop the Long Term Plan?

Creating the next Long term Plan is a multi-year journey that starts almost as soon as the previous one is complete.You the community are integral to this process. Over the journey there are multiple opportunities to contribute to the conversation informing what we do and when we do it.

Your input influences how we think about and issues and we encourage you to take part in the process.

 You can have your say on the various issues or tell us what you think on anything of concern or interest to you (and as many times as you like).​
You can contribute to the conversation a number of ways:

• Attend  public meetings​.
• Particpate online.
• Contact your ward councillor or community board members here.
• Email council [email protected].
• Engage on Facebook​  - we monitor the page and can feedback your Long Term Plan thoughts and      suggestions.
• Attend formal consultation hearings.

Ways to get your question to us.

You can contact us by emailing [email protected], comment on our Facebook page​​ or contact  your councillor or community board members​ to get your questions to the Community Engagement team.

What Community Engagment on the Long Term Plan has happened so far?

Over August to November 2020, Council held Community Hui across the district  with communities, key stakeholders and organisations to discuss ​assests, infrastructure,  the Long Term Plan ,Covid-1​9 recovery, and community raised issues and ideas.

These face to face meetings coinsided with an online campaign with community members submitting ideas inssues and concerns to [email protected]​.

Through these vibrant and informative discussions, online interactions; ideas, issues and potential projects have been feed back to Council operational  teams and  elected representitives to inform it's thinking for the Long Term Plan and  will be consulted on from March 26th to April 26th this year.

March 26th - April 26th 2021Consultation on the Long Term Plan 2021/31 - make a submission!

Over March and April 2021 you will have an opportunity to make a submission on the 2021/31 Long Term Plan and support it with a presentation to Council if you wish. As part of this process Council produces a Consultation Document. This outlines the key issues and decisions we need feedback on plus supporting financial and other information. 

Over the consultation period Council holds a series of public meetings around the district to discuss the Long Term Plan and its issues. Information is also made available in local papers, on our website and Facebook page.

This year you will also be able to submit on the Consultation document not only through our website but also through Social Pinpoint.

Meeting dates TBC but will be well advertised.

Note on Covid-19 and the ten year Long Term Plan 2021/2031

While Covid-19 has impacted many people in Ruapehu in the context of the ten year Long Term Plan and our infrastructure, which has a long life of 30 years plus, it is a short-term disruption.

The important thing to note is that we are working with Government and other partners to ensure we are well placed to support regional and local economic and social recovery.

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