Representation Review 2022 Elections

What we need to decide for the 2022 elections

In order to ensure everyone in our rohe has fair and effective representation at Council we need to review our representation arrangements at least once every six years. This is a legal requirement of the Local Electoral Act 2001 and will affect the next elections in 2022. 

The review will consider the total number of councillors there should be for the district and the way they are elected. This means Council needs to decide:

  1. The number of Elected Members - within the legal requirement of six as a minimum, and a maximum of 30 members, including the Mayor.
  2. The basis of election (or who votes for who) - Whether councillors shall be elected by the entire district (at large), or whether the district will be divided into wards for electoral purposes, or whether there will be a mix of ‘at large’ and ‘ward’ representation. (the Mayor is always elected ‘at large’ by the entire district)
  3. Ward boundaries - If election by wards is preferred, then the boundaries and names of those wards and the number of members that will represent each Ward.
  4. Whether to have Community Boards - if so how many, their boundaries and membership and whether to subdivide a community for electoral purposes.
  • Council has already decided to introduce Māori wards for the next election, and that voting will be by way of Single Transferable Vote (STV)

Please read the Representation Review Discussion Document to help inform yourself of the issues before providing your feedback. If you would like more info please attend one of our Long Term Plan community hui where the Representation Review will be discussed.

In addition to the online form below your can download and complete a hardcopy pdf feedback form 

If applicable
This is in case we need any clarification on your feedback
This is so we can advise you of Council's decision or any other matters
How many councillors should we have?
The number of Maori ward councillors Council has is determined as a proportion of the total number of councillors (excluding the Mayor) Council has as a whole. Council is proposing two possible options. Others are possible although unless we do not have any wards ensuring all councillors represent the same number of people (+/-10%) this can be tricky.
Should we have Community Boards?
Do you support the existing arrangement of Community Boards?
Council is interested in your views on the decision to establish Maori wards
Do you have other ideas on how to organise Council's representation arrangements?
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