Level Of Service 2019-20 Survey

Ruapehu District Council (RDC) Continually works on improving its services to our community. By filling out this survey you will help us understand what areas need improvement and where we need to focus our efforts.  ​Level of Service 2019-20 Survey is now CLOSED.

Visitor Accommodation Rate Survey

At Ruapehu District Council, we are investigating the current housing market. As a ratepayer who has in the past, or currently is, advertising your property as a short term rental (i.e through bookabatch etc) we would like you to fill out this short, five minute survey. Visitor Accommodation Rate Survey is now CLOSED.

Ruapehu Social and Economic Recovery Household Survey

We want to listen to our communities and find out how your household has been coping during the recent challenges of covid-19 and what you think would help the district become stronger and aid our recovery. Ruapehu Social and Economic Recovery Household Survey is now CLOSED.

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