Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

Consultation has now closed.

What's the issue?

The District landfill in Taumarunui is coming to the end of its life in its current form. Due to Resource Consent and other environmental requirements, building a new landfill cell would be very expensive.

​Because of the cost Council does not believe we should not go through the process of applying for a new consent for the Taumarunui Landfill. Instead, we should all work towards diverting waste from landfill by reducing, reusing, recycling, and recovering as much waste as possible. The small amount that is left over can be sent to a lined landfill outside the district.

Our goals

To support this vision, Council suggests we need to do three things:
  1. ​Be committed to reducing, reusing, and recycling and minimising waste sent to landfill

  2. Consider, and where appropriate implement, new initiatives and innovative ways to assist in reducing, reusing and recycling waste

  3. Minimise environmental harm and protect public health

These three goals are supported by a number of objectives, which you can find in the draft Plan.

Our Targets

Council have suggested six targets, which you can read in the draft Plan.

The key target however which connects directly to our proposed vision, is to reduce the total amount of waste we send to landfill:
  • ​from 340kg per person per annum in 2016

  • to 175kg per person per annum by 2022

​How will we achieve this?

As part of the draft Plan, Council has developed an action plan. Many of the actions will be the responsibility of Council to complete, with the support of the Ruapehu community. However some actions will need the involvement of others. 

What Next?

Council wants to know what you think of the proposed draft Plan. The vision and targets cannot be achieved without the involvement and support of the Ruapehu community.


Consultation is now closed.

Please find in the 'Document Links' below the Waste Management and Minimisation Plan Submission Book which contains all of the submissions recieved over the consultation period.



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