Water Supply Bylaw

​​​​The Ruapehu Water Supply Bylaw​​ Review

The Ruapehu District council is doing a review of the Water Supply Bylaw. This bylaw was first adopted in March 2012. In accordance with the Local Government Act, RDC is currently reviewing the bylaw. After an internal review we have suggested no changes to the bylaw, but it is now available for feedback.​


What is in the Bylaw?

The purpose of the Water Supply Bylaw 2019 is to allow RDC as an organisation to provide and manage the supply of water to its customers and/or protect its water supply against damage, misuse and interference.

Have Your Say

The Bylaw review is open for consultation until Monday the 2nd of December. Any submission on the Water Supply bylaw can be made through the feedback form below or via email: consultation@ruapehudc.govt.nz

Hearings and deliberations on the review will be in early 2020. ​

Please follow this link to view the Ruapehu Water Supply Bylaw.

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