Consultation and Community Engagement

​​​​​​​​​​​Council regularly undertakes consultation on issues of concern to our communities of interest.  These can be as part of official consultations required under the Local Government Act (e.g. Annual Plan, Long Term Plan, Bylaw and Policy Reviews, etc.) or as part of a community or other project.

The projects listed below and in the left had menu are open consultations we would like your feedback on. Feedback from Ruapehu communities and other interested parties on matters Council is consulting on have a real influence and impact on Council's final decision on the matter. Your opinion matters and does make a difference.

We understand that people can often find Council's processes or requirements for having your say on something complex and confusing.  Likewise, we want to make the process for you to find out about what we are asking for feedback on as simple and as easy as possible.

If you have any queries on how to have your say please email Candice McNaught or call her at Council on 07 895 8188 or 06 385 8364. 

General feedback on any issue 

You don't have to wait for Council to consult on any particular issue before having your say. We welcome feedback and comments at any time and on any issue relevant to council activities and life in Ruapehu. 

General feedback such as this can be on-line via the Have Your Say page on this website.

Community projects

In addition to official consultation on such things as plans, bylaws, policy reviews, etc Council is involved in community projects which we welcome on-going feedback/comments on.

Please see the Community Projects pages for these and how you can have your say on any of them.


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