Long Term Plan 2018 to 2028


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What is a Long Term Plan (LTP) and why it matters to you.

All councils in NZ are required to plan to ensure that the services we provide are sustainable. We also need to provide a way in which our local communities can take part in local decision making.

The key method for doing this is with our ten year Long Term Plan (LTP). The LTP is produced every three years with a ten year horizon. It is in detail for the first three years and lesser detail for the remaining seven.  In between each LTP councils produce an (Exceptions) Annual Plan (EAP). ​

​The current  LTP is for the years 2018-2028 (previous LTP 2015-2025​) and sets out the ‘what, where, when, how and cost’ of all services and infrastructure that RDC plans to provide for the District over this next ten year period.  
  • The next Long Term Plan is for ten years from 2018 to 2028
  • ​It is Council's key strategic planning document
  • First three years are in detail, remaining seven at higher level
  • Sets out what services, activities, infrastructure and objectives Council plans to deliver
  • Having your say on the proposed LTP is one of the best ways to influence Council thinking, direction and planned work programme.

​The LTP Consultation Document (CD) 

​The key matters and challenges Council would like your feedback on, or would like you to be aware of have been summarised in a Consultation Document (CD).

The draft LTP Consultation Document 2018-28 is now open for public feedback until Wednesday 18 April 2018.   

  • Presents “the right debate” i.e. balance between community’s needs, aspirations, service realities and willingness to pay.
  • Tells one integrated story​
  • Covers other matters of importance to the community
  • Puts forward proposals with enough supporting information to make an informed decision
  • The CD is the only lawful basis for the mandatory engagement with the community.

Key matters and challenges in CD.

​The key matters and challenges in the CD that we would like feedback on have been given their own web page and are listed on the menu on the left hand side of this page.

Other supporting LTP documents

There are a number of other supporting documents that inform the LTP. These are listed on the LTP Supporting Docments web page (or see left hand menu).

​Finding out more.

Council has organised LTP Community Meetings and Chat Space events in townships around the district where you can find out more about the LTP. You can also contact an Elected Member​ or Council's Policy Team on 07 895 8188 or 06 385 8364 or email Rebecca Bell.
​Raetihi​Mon 26 March​Community Hub​5.30pm
​Taumarunui​Wed 28 March​Downstairs Cossie Club​5.30pm
​Ohura​Tue 3 April​Ohura Town Hall​5.00pm
​Waiouru​Thu 5 April​Community Centre​5.30pm
​National Park​Wed 11 April​National Park School​5.30pm
​Ohakune​Thu 12 April​Ohakune Council Chambers​5.30pm
​​Ohakune​​Thu 29 March​​Outside New World​​12 to 2.00pm
​​Taumarunui​Wed 4 April​Outside ANZ​12 to 2.00pm
​Ongarue​Fri 13 April​Bowling Club​

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