Working for Council

What is it Like to Work for Council?

  • Skiing on half days off, cycling, kayaking, fishing or walking after work are some of the activities you have easy access to.
  • We look for opportunities to be flexible and support our working parents.
  • We have benefits in place for long serving staff who reach their five and ten year service milestones.
  • Most of our staff choose to work for Council over other employers because they feel they can make a difference to their community.  We like living here, being part of the community and contributing to making a difference,  which is valued in our organisation.
  • Our staff turnover rate is well under 10% annually.  Staff satisfaction surveys are undertaken annually.  Overall staff satisfaction for 2013 was 75%.
  • Council has made conscious choices for staff training and promotion from within Council.  Many senior staff have been promoted from within the organisation, so there are real opportunities for advancement.
  • We offer annual 'flu vaccinations and wellness checks to all staff and we maintain a sick leave bank in case of the unfortunate event that one of our staff has to deal with a serious or chronic illness.
  • We are a great workplace made up of your average group of people doing their best on behalf of the community.
  • We are focused on Teamwork, People and Innovation and, right across Council, our staff work together to help us succeed in these areas.  If there are problems or disagreements, we are adult about it.


Applicants regularly ask for information about rental and property prices when applying for positions with Council.

Rental accommodation is available for between $150 - $250 per week.

Please contact the real estate agents direct if you require any further information.

Staff Benefits (from 1 July 2007)

Ruapehu District Council aims to be a competitive employer of management, technical and general staff and therefore has a competitive benefit programme.

The aims of this programme are:

  • To retain staff to the District and to be an attractive employer.  The cost of recruitment of new staff is high and, therefore, offering these benefits is cost effective for ratepayers.  Council is operating in the reality of a tight labour market and increasingly competitive salary and package offerings by other employers.
  • To overcome some of the perceived negativity of living in a small, rural area, by offering a work environment that enhances work/life balance.
  • To be a family-friendly Council.
​Working women and mothers​Council recognises the importance of working women and mothers directly employed by our Council. We will provide, on approved application, a degree of subsidised childcare and glide time for working mothers.
​Healthcare​Council recognises the impact of working on general health and offers annual health checks and flu vaccinations.
​Family-friendly policies​Council recognises the importance of family events to the working parent and will allow parents to take time off for local family events such as children's prizegiving, etc.  We recognises that there are those times when you just have to get out and attend to the family for a short while in emergencies and on special occasions.  This policy allows you to do so without disadvantage to your leave.
​Long service leave​For full time staff who have worked in the organisation for over five and ten years, successive benefits are offered in training, flexible working hours and medical (for over ten years staff).
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