Ruapehu District Maori Council

The Ruapehu District Māori Council (RDMC) was established by Council to help encourage greater participation by Ruapehu Māori in local government decision-making.

RDMC was appointed by resolution of Council at its meeting on 28 April 2009 and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on 15 February 2013 at Morero Marae.  The MoU sealed a partnership between the RDMC and Ruapehu District Council (RDC). 

The intention is for the RDMC to comprise a collective of nine representatives being three members from each of the three main iwi within the Ruapehu District:

• Tuwharetoa.
• Maniapoto.
• Southern Iwi.

​Council sees the RDMC as an important part of their governance structure that provides:

  • Opportunities for iwi to contribute to local government decision-making that affects them. 
  • Capacity to build relationships and to consult with iwi and hapu. 
  • Access to a knowledge base of information otherwise unobtainable. 
  • An opportunity for local iwi and hapu to develop a deeper understanding of RDC's role as a local authority. 

Every hui provides an opportunity for discussion with the general public.  The RDMC welcomes all iwi and the wider community to attend its hui.

RDMC aims to remove the mystique around the activities of Council and improve communication between Iwi and RDC. This will benefit the wider community as a whole.

It is the fervent wish and desire of RDMC to be seated at the table with RDC as equals.

It is important that the wider community understands that RDMC is not in any way selective in its approach on any issue from Iwi or the community but remains steadfast to address matters of concern and if appropriate, in tandem with like mannered groups.  

RDMC welcomes iwi/hapu/marae who are not represented on the RDMC to become actively involved in this process.

Maori Wards

Along with Iwi and the wider community, RDC has been reviewing the best way Māori participation in decision making can continue and will be looking at a wide number of options, including the RDMC and Māori Electoral Wards.

Council has resolved to introduce Maori Wards in time for the next local body elections in 2022. For more information on this process please see Maori Wards FAQs.


For more informatrion on the Ruapehu District Maori Council please contact Iwi Liaison Jo Tocker or phone 07 895 8188.

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