Carbon dosing underway


2016-11-03T17:05:00 Pacific/Auckland

Start of summer sees carbon dosing of Taumarunui water

The start of summer and lower water flows in the Whanganui River has seen Council start carbon dosing at the Taumarunui Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to help reduce taste and odour issues.

Council Environmental Manager, Anne Marie Westcott, said that with the start of summer it was common for Council to receive calls concerning the change to the taste, odour and clarity of reticulated (tap) water.

“People on any of Council’s reticulated (tap) water supply systems should be totally confident that their treated water is perfectly safe,” she said.

“All Council reticulated (tap) water is chlorine treated which kills any micro-organisms making it 100% safe to drink.”

“People do not need to boil their water.”

“Although not ideal any slight taste, odour or murkiness issues in your tap water is not harmful.”

Ms. Westcott added that the issues were caused by naturally occurring algae in the waterways that multiplied in warm weather when flows are low.

“Council’s water contractor Veoila started seasonal carbon dosing at the Taumarunui WTP in late October due to periods of fine weather and river levels starting to drop.”

“The carbon is added in bulk into the water supply and then filtered back out at the WTP,” she said.

“It takes a couple of days for the water to be replenished in the reservoirs upon changing the carbon dosing so people may not notice an immediate change in the taste or odour.”

“To help speed this process up Veolia flushes parts of the reticulated (water pipe) network.”

Ms. Westcott said that the dosing level is increased over summer or when the taste in the water becomes noticeable based on public feedback.

“As such we asking that people give us feedback (good and bad) on the taste and odour of the water in their part of town so that we can ensure we are on the right track.”

“As well as helping get the carbon dosing levels right it helps Veolia concentrate the flushing of the network around the most affected areas.”

“People can provide feedback via Council customer services on 895 8188 or comment on our Facebook page,” said Ms. Westcott.


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