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2016-10-13T15:18:00 Pacific/Auckland

Missing liquor licence deadlines could mean dry holiday period

Anyone needing a liquor licence over the Christmas and New Year period is being urged to plan ahead and not get caught up in the statutory alcohol licencing shutdown period.

Council Environmental Health Officer Phoebe Harrison said that the nationwide shutdown period runs 20 December to 15 January every year.

“Anyone working in hospitality needing a new liquor licence of any sort, or anyone needing a special licence for an event selling alcohol needs to ensure they plan ahead and get their application in on time,” said Ms. Harrison.

“As processing times vary the application deadlines vary by the type of licence.”

“For a Special Licence (for events planned up until end February 2017) and new Manager’s Certificate the application deadline is 18 November. A New Licence application is 11 November and for a Temporary Authority is 25 November.”

Ms. Harrison said that the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act does allow for unforeseen circumstances such as funerals and other similar types of situation.

“With applications made after the close off date due to unforeseen circumstances Council treats these on a case-by-case basis,” she said.

“Licence renewal applications are a little different in that although they won’t be completed until after 15 January 2017 as long as the renewal application has been lodged on time, the premises licence or manager’s certificate continues in force until the renewal application has been determined, even if this is past the expiry date.”

“Manager’s Certificates can be made at any time prior to its expiry while Premises Licences must be lodged at least 20 working days before hand.”

Ms Harrison added that to limit any delays with application processing people should make sure the forms are correctly filled in, the required documentation is provided and payment is made.

“If anyone who has any queries the should call the Environmental Health Team via their local council office so we can help make sure they get the correct liquor licence in time.”

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