Drivers Warned Not to Attempt Crossing


2015-11-02T10:29:00 Pacific/Auckland


Ruapehu District Council (RDC) is warning people not to attempt to drive over the temporary fill spanning the large culvert washout on the Whanganui River Rd.

The Whanganui River Rd between Pipiriki and Wanganui has been closed to all vehicular traffic since the major storm event in July due to a large culvert washout 2km south of Pipiriki.

The final bridge design is now complete and works have begun with earthworks for the new road alignment.

Stephen Fletcher from Council roading contractor GHD said that due to the removal of the fill it will no longer be possible for vehicles to access the closed section of the road until the bridge is completed.

“Although pedestrians, cyclists, stock and quad bikes have been able to cross the culvert contractors have noticed tyre tracks traversing the temporary span fill when they start work in the morning indicating people have been driving across it.”

“With the current works attempting to drive across the temporary fill spanning the washout is now a lot more dangerous.”

“Vehicles should not attempt to do so under any circumstances,” he said.

Mr Fletcher said that restricted pedestrian and cycle access will be maintained over the damaged culvert for the duration of the works, but may be subject to delays during the construction process.

“While the work areas will be netted off, extreme care should be taken when accessing the pedestrian/cyclist only walkway, with no unauthorised access into the netted work site.”

“Work on the bridge will continue over November and December with completion of the bridge structure scheduled for the week of 14 – 18 December 2015.”

For more information on the bridge construction please call Stephen Fletcher at GHD on 07 895 7772.

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