1 in 4 don't expect a disaster to happen!


2016-07-13T16:19:00 Pacific/Auckland


Ruapehu District Council (RDC) is aiming to move Ruapehu communities from “She’ll be right” to “We’re ready” as part of a new natural disaster preparedness campaign launched by Civil Defence Minister Nikki Kaye today.

The campaign tagged Never Happens? Happens, aims to reinforce the message that anyone, anywhere, anytime can be affected by an emergency, so being prepared should be part of everyday life.

Ruapehu Emergency Management Officer Nick Watson said that research showed that while most people feel it’s their responsibility to be prepared and look after their family in a natural disaster only 14% are fully prepared and only 47% have taken some steps to prepare over past 12 months.

“The Never Happens? Happens, campaign looks to empower people to take responsibility for their own preparedness and make preparedness part of everyday life,” he said.

“We want to encourage people to start thinking and talking about what they need to ‘get through’ a natural disaster and then start taking small steps to be more prepared in a way that works for them.”

"The programme specifically targets messages and resources at community groups that have been identified in the research as being the least prepared and, therefore, more at risk.”

“This includes lower income families which is very relevant to Ruapehu where the average household income is below the national average.”

Mr. Watson said that Never Happens? Happens, reaches out to people in a memorable way by focusing more on the impact of a natural disaster such as power cuts, no water, etc. rather than the hazard itself.

“This approach makes it easier for people to imagine how a natural disaster will impact on their whanau and help them start thinking and talking about what steps they need to make to be more prepared.”

“The campaign will also be complemented with a pilot programme next year aimed at helping low income households get prepared. This could include offering emergency preparedness supplies.”

“People should check out www.happens.nz where they can access helpful resources and watch videos featuring Kiwi actor Rachel House, who many people will recognise from the movie Hunt for the Wilderpeople.”

For more info including links to the new Never Happens website see:http://goo.gl/GkeX5v


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