Rate Rebate applications wanted


2016-05-24T12:13:00 Pacific/Auckland


Ruapehu District Council (RDC) is urging ratepayers to check their eligibility for receiving a rate rebate before the deadline on 30 June 2016 if they haven’t done so.

RDC Chief Executive Clive Manley said that Council was hoping to see a lot more applications before the deadline at the end of June as the number of received so far was well down on the same time last year.

“To date Council has received 350 applications for rate rebates for the current rating year (2015/16) to the value of $196,000.”

“At around the same time last year we had processed 411 rebate applications worth $233,113.40,”

“Last year (2014/15) we received 512 applications in total so we still have some way to go to reach that level again.”

“The number of applications does vary year-to-year however based on previous years we want to see over 500 applications.”

“Totals for previous years show that in 2013/14 we processed 507 applications worth $283,632.31, 2012/13 we processed 481 rebates worth $258,885.31, and the year before that (2011/12) we processed 521 rebates worth $289,413.90.”

Mr. Manley said that with Ruapehu’s median household income being below the national average the Rates Rebate Scheme provides important financial support for many local families.

“The rebate any ratepayer receives is determined by a formula that takes into account household income, number of dependents and the level of rates being paid.”

“Because circumstances change people need to apply every year even if they have previously been successful in gaining a rate rebate,” he said.

“For the current 2015/16 rating year the maximum rebate obtainable is $610 with an income threshold of $24,440 plus an allowance of $500 per dependant.”

“As such although a ratepayer’s income might exceed the base income threshold a partial rates rebate could still be available, depending on the rates amount and number of dependants.”

Mr. Manley said anyone who hasn’t yet applied needs to contact Council where staff can quickly ascertain whether they are entitled to a rebate.

For more info see: http://goo.gl/2J5UeZ


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