Response to Raetihi issues discussed at WWCB


2016-05-06T15:38:00 Pacific/Auckland


Ruapehu District Council (RDC) has committed to accelerating plans for free town wide WIFI within Raetihi as part of resolving the issues caused by young people gathering around the library WIFI after dark.

Council was requested to turn the free library WIFI off afterhours at the request of the Police as it had become a gathering point for young people at night with some of them causing problems around the town.

At the Waimarino-Waiouru Community Board (WWCB) meeting last night Council Chief Executive Clive Manley said that the underlying issues of vandalism and other anti-social behaviour would require a coordinated approach from the whole community to resolve.

“As member of the community Council is committed to doing all we can to be part of a constructive solution,” he said.

“We would like to see the free WIFI back on 24/7 as soon as possible however this will not be before we have been able to install security cameras outside the Raetihi office and library which is expected to take three to four weeks all going well.”

“The final timing of the decision will however be made cooperatively between Council, WWCB, the Police and the community.”

“In the interim Council will also be working on bringing forward installation of free WIFI throughout the Raetihi central business district.”

Mr. Manley said that Council had also taken on board the criticism that it should have consulted with the community more before making the decision to switch off the WIFI.

“Council accepts that the WWCB and the community would like more of a ‘heads-up’ on what is planned in these types of issues,” he said.

“We are not however in a position to guarantee that we will be able to do this every time for every issue,” he said.

“In this case the Police (and Council) were concerned not only about property damage but the health and safety of Council staff and the young people congregating at night outside the office and library.”

“In instances such as this where people’s health and safety are concerned Council will often need to make immediate operational decisions.”

Clive Manley
Chief Executive
Ruapehu District Council

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