Nominations wanted.



Nominations for Ruapehu’s two Citizen of the Year Awards are now open through to Friday 6 October 2017.

There are two Citizen Awards given out yearly with one for the northern part of the district covering National Park, Taumarunui and Ohura under the Northern Ruapehu Citizen Award and one for the Waimarino-Waiouru area under the Waimarino Citizen Award.

Mayor Don Cameron said that the Citizen Awards provide important recognition of the value that Ruapehu places on volunteer workers in our communities.

“This is a great opportunity to recognise and thank the outstanding contributions made by individuals to their communities by performing voluntary, unpaid work over an extended period of time,” he said.

“We all know there are fantastic, selfless volunteer workers in our communities who provide the backbone of many of the essential community services that we rely on every day.”

“We now need their friends, colleagues and admirers to put them forward for the recognition they deserve.”

“We would also like to encourage people to re-nominate anyone who has been nominated but unsuccessful in the past.”

“Choosing between the many worthy candidates is extremely difficult and so we would like to urge people to renominate candidates who may have been unsuccessful in the past.”

Mayor Cameron noted that without the commitment and dedication of these people many vital community services we all rely on would cease to function.

“Often these volunteers have worked for years, quietly behind the scenes, doing many of the jobs that provide the supporting fabric to our communities.”

“There are so many amazing people undertaking selfless work on behalf of others who are less well off in some way, maybe sick or handicapped, in trouble or danger, or just struggling through a difficult phase of their life.”

“The Citizen Awards are an opportunity to give some of these people the recognition and thanks that they deserve,” he said.

The nomination form including the criteria for nominees is available from Council offices, by calling Council, or via the website,

Any questions please call Sarah Doyle via your local council office.


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