Ruapehu Youth Ambassadors 2018


Thu 8 Feb 18

Ruapehu’s 2018 Youth Council Ambassadors were sworn-in in front of whanau and friends at special ceremonies held in Taumarunui and Ohakune this week.

The award winning Ruapehu Youth Council is made up of two groups of Youth Ambassadors; the Taumarunui-Ohura Youth Ambassadors (TOYA) and the Waimarino-Waiouru Youth Ambassadors (WWYA) with each group working to represent youth from within the district and in particular, youth from their own communities.

The 2018 WWYA are; Aaliya Dennison, Ashley Akapita, Dalton Jordan, Emma Burnard, Janine Francois, Jorja von Pein, Justice Dennison, Mac Madsen, Sapphire Mapp, Sophie Coller, Tayla Goff and Tiere Rapana.

The 2018 TOYA are; Anna Seby, Daisy Tumataroa, Dylin Dobbs, Hannah-May Johnston, Huia Rauhina, Jessy Gurnick, Jindh Bhullar, Kushia Siemonek and Shanae Ponen.

Ruapehu Youth Council Coordinator Samantha Arthur-Curtis said that she was really impressed with the caliber of young people who had put themselves forward for the Youth Ambassador positions.

“They all demonstrate a genuine passion for their community and a desire to make a real difference to the lives of Ruapehu youth,” she said.

“I’m sure they will continue the fantastic legacy of achievement the earlier Youth Ambassadors have delivered which has included winning a ‘Youth Group’ category award as part of the national Youth Week awards in 2016.

In addition to representing youth views with Council and Community Boards the Youth Ambassadors will be taking part in some amazing events such as Festival for the Future while developing leadership and other skills.

They have a big work programme ahead of them this year including undertaking project management training, creating an anti-bullying campaign, working with other community groups to carry out beautification projects in Ruapehu towns, and fund raising for the local Youth Fund.

Ms. Arthur-Curtis said that anyone interested in the work of the Ruapehu Youth Council and how they can get involved can find more information on Council’s website


Waimarino-Waiouru Ambassadors

Back: Clive Manley Council CE, Alaina Goulding Youth Liaison, Justice Dennison, Aaliyah Dennison, Tiere Rapana, Sapphire Mapp, Janine Francois.

Front: Sophie Coller, Tayla Goff, Jorja von Pein, Emma Burnard, Mac Madsen.

Absent: Dalton Jordan, Ashley Akapita.

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