Council considers Cossie Club tender.


2019-02-15T11:32:00 Pacific/Auckland

Fri 15 Feb 19.

Council Chief Executive Clive Manley is anticipating a good turnout at a meeting to discuss whether they should tender to purchase the Taumarunui Cosmopolitan Club as an alternative to the Memorial Hall.

The meeting has been organised for 6.00pm on Tuesday 26 February in the downstairs area of the Cosmopolitan Club.

Mr Manley said that feedback so far is indicating that people feel it is sensible idea that would save ratepayers a lot of money while securing the future of the property in local ownership for local use.

“The final decision however rests with Council and so it is important that as many people as possible come along and let their views known,” he said.

“In last year’s Long Term Plan (LTP) the community was asked what we should do with the Memorial Hall which has been suffering from declining usage is earthquake prone and has asbestos in it.

With an estimated cost of $1m to make the Hall safe and fit for purpose people submitted that they would prefer to see that money spent on a new, more flexible, multi-function community facility.

As such Council voted to demolish the Hall and allocate $1m in seed funding toward that goal.

Since then the Cosmopolitan Club committee has decided to sell its property to settle outstanding liabilities presenting an opportunity for Council to acquire the property as an alternative to the Memorial Hall.

One of the options is for Council to put in a joint tender to purchase the Cosmopolitan Club property with Forgotten World Adventures.

If the tender was successful Council would take ownership of the downstairs function area of the Cosmopolitan Club which would be available for public use.

Forgotten World would own the upstairs area which they would redevelop into accommodation and a bar/restaurant area.

The opportunity to co-purchase with Forgotten World would be significantly cheaper than the LTP proposal, happen a lot sooner, and would secure the future of the property and local employment.”

Mr Manley added that taking this option would not preclude discussion on a multi-function community facility in the future.

Council would also be open to working with other parties on a joint tender if approached,” he said.


Feedback so far is indicating that people feel it is sensible idea for Council to tender for the Cosmopolitan Club property as an alternative to the Memorial Hall proposal that was adopted in the Long Term Plan.

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