Residents urged to 'Get Ready-Get Thru'


2019-09-03T10:58:00 Pacific/Auckland

Tue 3 Sept 19.

Hospital Hill residents urged to ‘Get ready-Get thru’

With the recent cracks and slumping of Hospital Hill SH43 Ruapehu Civil Defence is urging residents to consider what they would need to do in the event there was a major slip that took out the water and sewerage lines that run under the road for up to three days.

Emergency Management Officer Nick Watson said that people should note that the safety of the road was assessed by geotechnical engineers last week and they have not reported anything to cause alarm or suggest a big slip was about to happen.

“Understanding the impacts of an emergency however can help you and your family get through whatever it is you need to deal with,” he said.

“Although the probability of a major slip taking out the water and sewerage may be low it is up to you to make sure your family, and the people you care about, know what to do and that you all have what you need, to get through on your own.

Imagine having no water for three days or more. How would you wash, cook, clean? What would you drink?

Likewise having no sewerage and no toilet or shower for three days.

We would like to encourage you to have a chat with the people in your household and work out what you would do in these situations.

To help there are some great, easy to use resources online at”


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