Boy racer vandalism


2020-07-23T11:08:00 Pacific/Auckland

Thu 23 July 20


Local communities in Ohakune and Rangataua are being called upon to help stop vehicular vandalism of local reserve areas.

Property Team Leader Rebecca van Orden said that road side reserves in Ohakune and Rangataua have sustained extensive damage in recent weeks from vehicles doing donuts and wheelies costing ratepayers thousands of dollars to fix.

“Unfortunately this seems to be a recurring problem every winter when reserve areas start getting a little bit water logged and typically coincides with the school holiday period.

Council gets a lot of calls from upset residents who wake up to the shock of finding their local reserve area has been turned into a muddy bog with ratepayers facing big bills to tidy things up.

The Village Green at The Junction in Ohakune cost $6,300 alone to reinstate the surface and sow new grass after the last winter period.

Other areas that have sustained extensive damage are by the swing bridge on the Mangawhero St extension and in Rangataua where Downers needed to scrape the mud off the roadway.

Anyone who sees or hears anything suspicious especially late at night shouldn’t hesitate to call the Police on 111 so they can check it out.

If anyone knows anything about the recent damage they can either call Council or the Ohakune Police,” she said.


Vehicular vandalism of road reserve areas is costing Ruapehu ratepayers thousands of dollars to fix every winter.

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