Do you recognise any of these items?


2020-08-14T12:27:00 Pacific/Auckland

Fri 14 Aug 20.

Council's Compliance Team have collected items of rubbish that were dumped in a native bush/stream area at the start of the Sunshine Track off Piwakawaka Rd in Taumarunui and are asking the community to help identify who may have dumped them.

Compliance Team Leader Brenda Ralph said that her staff collected and photographed a number of unique items and bags of rubbish from the dump area

It was very disappointing to see how much rubbish had been dumped in this beautiful bush area with a lot of it polluting a stream that flows into the Whanganui River.

Besides the environmental damage and cost of the clean-up the really frustrating thing is that much of what is dumped could have been recycled or donated to local op-shops for free.

We are hopeful the community can help us identify the culprits by advising if they recognise any of the objects.

From the outpouring of rage on social media when we first reported the dumping we are expecting to receive some useful information.

We have also recovered a number of documents with names and addresses on them that we will be following-up on.

Anyone with any information on the dumped items can Council on 07 895 8188.

Any information received will be treated in complete confidence.

All people need to do is to call me and we will take care of things from there.

People with any information on the items dumped at the start of the Sunshine Track off Piwakawaka Rd in Taumarunui can call Council in complete confidence.

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