Maori Wards poll requirements


2020-11-23T16:48:00 Pacific/Auckland

Mon 23 Nov 20.

Anyone wanting a poll on Council’s resolution to establish Māori Wards must collect the signatures of at least five percent of Ruapehu voters enrolled for the last triennial elections and deliver it to Council’s head office in Taumarunui by 5pm on Monday 22 February 2021.

Ruapehu Deputy Electoral Officer Pauline Welch said that this would require a minimum of 385 signatures.

“Any member of the public can petition Council to demand a poll is held on whether Māori Wards are established however the signatories on the petition must have been on the electoral roll for Ruapehu for the last local body elections in 2019,” she said.

“If Council receives a valid petition before close of business on Monday 22 February 2021 a poll will be held before 21 May the same year.

If a poll is held anyone registered on the Ruapehu district electoral roll at the time of the poll can vote in it.

The outcome of the poll is binding and is in effect for the next two local body elections in 2022 and 2025.”

Ms Welch noted that if Council receives a valid petition after Monday 22 February 2021 a poll will be held after 21 May with the result binding for the 2025 and 2028 triennial elections.

“If Council’s resolution is not revoked by a poll the representation details of Ward boundaries and number of Maori members, etc. will be worked through as part of the Basis of Election Review process.

The wider Ruapehu community has the opportunity to have their say on the details as part of this process.

If people want further information on Māori Wards or the poll process they are invited to call me at Council on 07 895 8188,” she said.


A valid petition from 5% of Ruapehu voters (a minimum of 385 signatures) enrolled for the last 2019 triennial elections is required to initiate a poll on Council's decision to establish Maori Wards for the next elections in 2022.

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