Disappointment at skate bowl graffiti


2018-12-03T10:55:00 Pacific/Auckland

Mon 4 Dec 18

Disappointment at skate bowl graffiti

The Waimarino-Waiouru Community Board has expressed their disappointment at the recent graffiti vandalism of the Ohakune skate bowl.

Chairperson Luigi Hotter said that the skate bowl was only able to be developed due to the significant input of time and resources from community groups and individual volunteers.

“It shows a huge lack of respect for their efforts and the local community when someone decides to deface it with mindless graffiti,” he said.

“While the perpetrators no doubt think their scrawls are cool many people find graffiti vandalism unsettling and it can add to people’s perceptions and feelings of being unsafe in their own community.

The facility was installed for all the youth in the community to use and enjoy, not for a minority to deface.

Council has organised for the graffiti to be removed which is a cost to ratepayers.

We are also installing a security camera in the vicinity which should assist to deter future attacks or identify culprits if it occurs again.


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