Does N.Park need 2 public toilets?


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6 Mar 2020

Community Board seeks views on public toilets in National Park Village.

The National Park Community Board (NPCB) is seeking feedback on Council’s recommendation to close the old public toilets outside the public hall on Carroll St with the opening of new toilet facilities at the nearby Park and Ride transport hub.

Peter Zimmer NPCB Chair said that the Board considered a Report on the issue at its meeting on 4 February but felt they would like to hear community views before making a final decision.

“The Report proposed that the old Carroll St toilets are now an unnecessary burden on the ratepayer with the Park and Ride transport hub having new toilets as part of a combination of integrated traveller services.

As well as modern, accessible toilets the Park and Ride offers showers, cooking, clothes washing, electric vehicle charging facilities and access to transport services all at the one location,” he said.

“Financially the report states that closing the Carroll Street toilets would save around $4,500 per annum in operational costs as well as the larger cost of upgrading or replacing the toilets in due course.

The cost estimate for a minimum upgrade to the public toilets in Carroll Street, including replacing the floor tiles and altering one of the toilets to be disabled accessible, was $7,500 ex GST.

To replace the Carroll Street toilets with a new, modern, accessible facility such as Exeloo (as at Ohakune Carrot Adventure Park) or Permaloo (in Owhango and Ohura) would cost around $167,000 ex GST (based on the cost of the Ohura public toilet).”

Mr Zimmer said that at the next NPCB meeting scheduled for National Park on Tuesday 9 June the Board will make a decision on whether the Carroll Street toilets should be closed and demolished or remain open and be eventually upgraded or replaced.

“We would like to invite people to either attend the meeting or let a NPCB member know their views beforehand.

People can find contact details for NPCB members as well as Council’s full Report on the issue in the NPCB Agenda for 4 February 2020 on their website”


The NPCB is seeking feedback on Council’s view that the old Carroll Street public toilets are now an unnecessary financial burden on ratepayers with new accessible toilets having opened at the nearby Park and Ride transport hub.

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