The Ruapehu Bylaw

The Ruapehu Bylaw consolidates three old bylaws:

  • The Public Places Bylaw
  • The Public Health and Safety Bylaw
  • The Animal Control Bylaw

The objective of the new Ruapehu Bylaw is to have a bylaw document that is easier to read and use.

The Public Places Bylaw
This covers the following areas:
- Public safety and nuisances (includes such things as Trading in Public Places, Skateboards, Freedom Camping, etc.)
- Refuse, litter and offensive material
- Liquor control
- Advertising signs and commercial property maintenance.

The Public Health and Safety Bylaw
This bylaw regulates a diverse range of activities including such things as hoardings, public health hazards, food safety, cemeteries, open air fires, body piercing, amusement galleries, etc. It seeks to protect the public from nuisances, minimise the potential for offensive behaviour and to protect and promote public health and safety within the District. 

Animal Control Bylaw
This bylaw regulates the control and keeping of dogs, cats, other animals, poultry and bees, and to regulate the control of feral cats.

Please find links to the different sections of the bylaw below or access the PDF document here


The Ruapehu Bylaw

1-11 lntroduction

12 Public Safety

13 Refuse, Litter and Offensive Material

14 Parks and Reserves

15 Alcohol

16 Verandahs over Public Places

17 Signage

18 Scaffolding, Hoardings and Deposit of Building Materials

19 Nuisances

20 Council Cemeteries

21 Amusement Devices and Galleries

22 Beauticians, Tattooists, Body Piercers and Solarium Operators and Nail Technicians

23 Food Grading

24 Dogs

25-26 Cats and Other Animals

Schedule 1 Trading in Public Places

Schedule 2 Control of Skateboards and Similar Recreational Devices

Schedule 3 Freedom Camping Prohibited Areas

Schedule 4 Prohibited Refuse

Schedule 5 Hazardous Substances

Schedule 6 Alcohol Ban Areas

Schedule 7 Signage

Schedule 8 Beauticians, Tattooists, Body Piercers, Solarium Operators and Nail Technicians

Schedule 9 Food Grading

Schedule 10 Designated Dog Areas



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