Asset Management Plans

Asset Management Plans (AMPs) are tactical plans which provide the link between Council outcomes, the levels of service Council provides to the community, the suitability, sustainability and performance of the assets covered by the plans, and the risks of holding the assets. Asset management plans supply details on how Council infrastructure will be managed to cost effectively meet the community's needs.

We need to ensure our assets are managed in an affordable, efficient, sustainable and effective manner to minimise the financial impact on Ruapehu District ratepayers and residents.

The plans are developed following consultation with the community on a range of topics, and include the three waters, transportation, solid waste, parks and reserves, and community facilities. The Plans must contain a minimum of 10 years' financial forecasts and detailed asset information for each activity.

Asset Management Plans 2018-2028

(adopted 27 June 2018)

Please note the Solid Waste Asset Management plan below is the 2015 version - the new Waste Management and Minimisation Plan is currently going through the consultation process.

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