Enterprising Taumarunui Inc. (ETI)

ETI and Revitalising Taumarunui?

Revitalising Taumarunui is a a branch of Enterprising Taumarunui Incorporated (ETI) made up of engaged  community members who are passionate about leading the beautification of the Taumarunui business district by focusing on achievable projects.

We believe in the future of Taumarunui but that we need to do more to help the township achieve its full potential.

We aim to help turn Taumarunui around and accelerate its development through taking on projects that have the potential to change how Taumarunui feels about itself.

We have a range of exciting and achievable projects that will help make a big difference to the look and feel of our town that mostly only need dedicated local volunteers to get done.

We also have a number of ‘big vision’ projects in mind that have an even larger potential to impact on our future prospects.​

What's the plan?

Revitalising Taumarunui have identified two types of projects.

  1. Easily achievable projects that mostly only need dedicated local volunteers to get done. These are typically beautification type projects.
  2. Bigger vision projects that would cost significantly more to implement but that would have a much larger impact on the town. These projects involve more people, money and time.

How you can get involved

Donate some of your time and skills (whatever they are) to one of the easily achievable projects. It’s great fun and you’ll be with some great people.

Tell us what you think of how we can best revitalise Taumarunui and what you think of the bigger vision projects that have been suggested. Any good or naff? Maybe you have other ideas that should be considered. Don’t be shy! No idea is too out there.

More information

For more information including details or current and planned projects see the document links below. These are:

  1. Outline of current and bigger vision projects
  2. Revitalising Taumarunui Flyer - introduction to goals, projects, contacts, etc
  3. Revitalising Taumarunui Plan

If you would further detail please call Councilor Karen Ngatai on 07 896 6658.

Bigger vision projects

The Taumarunui Ohura Ward Committee would like to get a feeling for what Taumarunui residents think about the ‘big idea’ projects being put up for consideration. We would also like to know if you have any other project ideas (big or small).


If you would like us to contact you about up-coming projects or activities.
Do you support bringing temporary art/sculpture installation to town?(optional)
Do you support hanging street light icons?(optional)
Do you support turning small unused spaces into parks (parklets)?(optional)
Do you support turning the on-way section of Manuaute St into a pedestrian mall?(optional)
Do you support installing a fenced 'active area' (bike park, playground) on Hakiaha St?(optional)
Do you support installing decorative LED lighting along Hakiaha St?(optional)
Any ideas (big or small), feedback or comment



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