Ruapehu Livability and Wellbeing Study

​​What is the ​Livability and Wellbeing Study all about?​

The Ruapehu Livability and Wellbeing Study is a project designed to gain a deeper understanding of the pressures Ruapehu communities face across seven key areas being; 

  1. housing, 
  2. health,
  3. education, 
  4. employment, 
  5. the environment, 
  6. accessibility to services and 
  7. social wellbeing. ​

The Study is a multi-year, multi-partner project led by Ruapehu District Council that will combine official statistics and data/research from government and other partner organisations with testimony from the people and communities of Ruapehu.

It aims to gather and consolidate the most accurate and up-to-date insights into the wellbeing of Ruapehu communities to help facilitate better understanding, decision making and direction setting.

Why is this Study important.

The 2015 Manawatu-Whanganui Growth Study challenged Ruapehu to rethink our attitude to economic development and the level of investment needed in ourselves if we were to halt years of slow decline and diminishing opportunities available to Ruapehu communities.

In response as part of the 2016/17 Annual Plan Council proposed a programme of economic and community development with the aim of increasing incomes and jobs and tranforming Ruapehu into a district known for its opportunities and lifestyle.​  

Ruapehu ratepayers gave overwhelmingly support for this new direction and since then with government, iwi, regional, national and other partners​ Council has been working to unlock our big economic opportunities and improve the well-being and quality of life for our communities.

While there is growing evidence Ruapehu is increasingly on a path of growth and prosperity we also know that not everyone is yet benefiting and that for some people in our communities things are as hard as ever.​ Council does not want to see any of our struggling communities further marginalised or problems such as housing or power security getting worse. 

In order to better help those who need it most we need first-hand insight and understanding into what our communities are experiencing.  This very important work will help to unlock funding and other resources for the most at-risk and disadvantaged members of our communities who need it most.

Want to know more or have input?

If you want to find about more about the Study including opportunities to have input into it or to make use of the findings please contact Pauline Welch​ ​at Council 07 895 8188 or 06 385 8364.

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