Bespoke Concept Plan Feedback

​​​​​​​​​The concept plans are a starting point for a more detailed conversation with communities about what is important to them in the development of their township. Are we on the right track? is this where we want to go? what is good? what is not so good? anything missing? etc.

We need community input to ensure that we get the overall plan right before we can make a start.

Once we are sure we are on the right track we will put a proposal through the Annual Planning process including an idea of how much it will cost and how we might pay for it.

NOTE: If you have a lot to say please write out and send as an attachment (see bottom of page). The 'quick reply' boxes allow about 10 lines of text. ​Please note there is a 10MB limit for attachments. If you have any difficulties please call or email us here at Council.

Bespoke Concept Plan Feedback

Your name or the organisation you represent
Best daytime contact number.
An email address will allow us to better keep you informed of developments.
What town concept plan are you commenting on?
What do you like most about the concept plans? (For long submissions please use an attachment. See below)
What do you like least about the concept plans? (For long submissions please use attachment. See below)
What is missing? what could be done better? etc. (For long submissions please use attachment. See below)
Would you like to spend time in these spaces?
If built as proposed would these plans enhance your enjoyment of your township?
Do you think the concept plans will encourage travellers to stop and spend time in the town?
How do you rate the plans out of 5?
1 = not good, 5 = amazing
If you have a long submission please send as an attachment. (10MB size limit)



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