On 21 September 2016 Council held a public meeting in Raetihi to discuss a range of issues relevant to the township's future including:

  • the Regional Accelerate25 Action Plan,
  • government's initial co-investment announcements,
  • planned and future projects,
  • township revitalization,
  • Council services, and
  • the 2018/28 Long Term Plan process and how this all fits together.

There was an excellent level of community engagement at the meeting, where participants considered the issues confronting Raetihi and what needed to happen to get them moving. This included discussions on the good things and not so good things, as well as perceptions around township identity.

Full meeting ‘brainstorm’ notes from the 21 September 2016 public meeting can be found in the Document Links panel below.

On Wednesday 7 December 2016 Bespoke undertook a 'walkabout' with Council and Raetihi Promotions to gain insights to inform the concept plans.

The outcome of this work was developed into Concept Plans for the Raetihi town centre. These were  unveiled to the community on Thursday 7 April 2017.

This stage is  part of the conversation Council is having with residents, community groups and other stakeholders to narrow down what people like, don’t like, feel is important, not important, and the order and stages of any development.

There was little community buy-in to the Bespoke Plans, but they did open up conversations.

A community hui was held on 19 February 2019 in Raetihi to further town revitalisation conversations, update the community on all the projects, the development of the community forum, and the concept of a Community Hub that was first proposed as part of the 2018/28 Long T​erm Plan.

The details are in the powerpoint below in the document links.



Two hui have been held in September and October. The Raetihi community groups were invited and both meetings had attendance of about 18 people, representing a number of the local groups.

The next stage in the journey is a public meeting with the whole community to bring back what has been learnt and share this with the community.

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