​December 2017

How are we going?

The first phase of public consultation on Taumarunui Town Revitalisation started in November 2016. This feedback was received, analysed and workshopped by the Taumarunui/Ohura Ward Committee (TOWC) and resulted in changes to the original concept plans.

This resulted in Council breaking down a very large body of work into more manageable sections, concentrating on the areas that will provide the most impact, both visually and from a public use perspective.

The CBD area has now been broken into four areas:
  1. The Taumarunui Railway Station building
  2. The west side of Hakiaha Street between the boundary of the old library and the Taumarunui Railway Station building.
  3. The verandahs on the east side of Hakiaha Street.
  4. Manuaute Street re-development.
The re-development proposals for the west side of Hakiaha Street included demolition of the old toilets and construction of new toilets on the ex-library site, a number of new elements in the open area between the new toilets and the town clock and changes to the Railway Station including façade work, a public toilet, new i-SITE entrance and a small café.

The old Hakiaha St library was demolished in November 2017 and is currently an open green space which has received an overwhelmingly positive public reaction.
Council subsequently secured a favourable long term lease on the Railway Station building which provides an alternative option for providing public toilets at a significantly cheaper cost than building a new standalone public toilet from scratch on the ex-library site.

The current thinking is to have new public toilet facilities incorporated within a redevelopment of the Railway Station building including a new i-SITE configuration, the proposed new local museum upstairs and a small café.

In December 2017 the Taumarunui/Ohura Ward Committee voted to consult with the community over whether they support redevelopment of the Railway Station building incorporating public toilets.

The original thinking for a larger public toilet on the old library site is now under reconsideration. A new, smaller public toilet in the centre of Hakiaha St may still be built depending on public feedback and cost.

Ten Year Long Term Plan (LTP) 2018-2028 consultation

Council is planning to take proposals to the community as part of next year's ten year Long Term Plan (LTP) 2018-2028 consultation. These include whether the community supports:
  1. ​Redevelopment of the Railway Station building (as described above)
  2. Strengthening and visual improvement of the verandahs along Hakiaha Street

Revitalisation of Manuaute Street is not in next year’s LTP for 2018-2028. It is planned that Manuaute Street revitalisation will be included in the following LTP 2021-2031.

​​Key contacts
​Taumarunui-Ohura Ward Committee​Karen Ngatai​021 022 2122
​Enterprising Taumarunui Inc.​Aroha Rudkin​027 873 0061
​Ruapehu District Council​Rebecca Van Orden​07 895 8188
​Ruapehu District CouncilMargaret Hawthorne​07 895 8188

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