The journey so far...

Township revitalization in Waiouru forms part of Council’s larger economic development strategy for Ruapehu based around a broader concept of Destination Management Planning.

By taking a ‘destination management’ approach to infrastructure investment Council is aiming to integrate support for local business with destination marketing and economic development activity.

The opening of new award winning public toilets and surrounding amenity area in 2016 along with street landscaping along SH1 are the first part of a vision for Waiouru as being a gateway to the volcanic plateau and the Ruapehu District.

These developments form part of the Waiouru Main Street Upgrade Plan that went through several rounds of community consultation. Council budgeted $250,000 for the public toilet/amenity area development with subsequent stages taking place according to community direction and as funding allows.

On 19 September 2016 Council held a public meeting in Waiouru to discuss a range of issues relevant to the township's future including; the Regional Accelerate25 Action Plan, government’s initial co-investment announcements, planned and future projects, township revitalization, Council services, the 2018/28 Long Term Plan process and how this all fits together.

There was an excellent level of community engagement at the meeting where participants considered the issues confronting Waiouru and what needed to happen to get them moving. This included discussions on the good things and not so good things as well as perceptions around township identity.

Full meeting ‘brainstorm’ notes can be found in the Document Links panel below.

Since then Council has been in discussions with the community and key local stakeholders such as the Army and National Army Museum. There were a number of innovative ideas that came out of this process however Council is looking for community leadership (including from key stakeholders) to progress these.​ ​ 

What is your vision for Waiouru?

In the interim Please let us know what your vision for Waiouru is. You can do this easily via the online feedback form or email Council. You can also talk with your elected representatives to Council or the Waimarino-Waiouru Community Board.

Key contacts
​Waimarino-Waiouru Community BoardJohn (Luigi) Hotter​027 274 2616
Ruapehu District Council​Rebecca Van Orden​06 385 8364
​Ruapehu District CouncilMargaret Hawthorne​06 385 8364


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