Council Survey Results

​​Level of Service Survey​

Every year Council sends out a Level of Service (LOS) Survey to 20% of the rating database to determine whether Council is meeting its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The questions are not comprehensive over all of Councils activities and are designed to just answer the 'customer satisfaction' type questions for the Annual Report.

Users of Council services also have the opportunity to go to Survey Monkey all year round to answer the questions. The link is available through Councils facebook and on the 'Have your Say' page of our website. 

To view the results of the most recent (2017/18)​ survey please see the links below. 

Out of District Ratepayers Survey

Every three years Council sends a survey out to all our out of district ratepayers. The information gathered from this survey updates information we have been collecting since 2008 and helps us plan for the future. This involves planning infrastructure and asset maintenance and other aspects of community development. This survey is a formal part of our long term planning process.

To view the most recent results (from the 2016 survey) please see the links below.  The next Out of District Ratepayers Survey will be in 2022.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Every three years the National Research Bureau (NRB), an external research company, completes a Customer Satisfaction Survey on behalf of Council that offers us the opportunity to compare our performance with other Local Authorities across New Zealand and ourselves.

Council commissions this survey mainly for the development of the Asser Management Plans. ​

To view the most recent results (from the 2016 survey) please see the links below.  The next Customer Satisfaction Survey will be in 2022.

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