Landfill & Transfer Stations

​​Ruapehu District oversees the landfill and transfer station operations in the six locations below.   Transfer Stations are closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. 

​Christmas and New Year 2019/20

  1. Ruapehu Transfer Stations and the Taumarunui Landfill will be closed on all public holidays over Christmas and New Year except that the Waimarino (Ohakune) Transfer Station will be open on Boxing Day.

  2. With Christmas and New Year’s falling on a Wednesday this will mean that the ​the Taumarunui Transfer Station/Landfill will be closed on two consecutive days two weeks running, please plan accordingly.

  3. ​They will all otherwise run as per their usual hours as below.

​​Kerbside collection

  1. Due to Boxing Day and the day after New Year's day falling on a Thursday Envirowaste will need to move their collection day forward in Taumarunui, Manunui, Mahoe and Piriaka from the normally scheduled Thursday 26th to Friday 27th December and from Thursday 2nd January to Friday 3rd January. 
  2. The Waimarino kerbside collection for Ohakune, Raetihi and Rangataua is unaffected by Christmas/New Year and will run on Monday as normal.
  3. ​Kerbside collection services will resume as per normal ollection resuming as normal the week after New Year (Monday 6 January to Friday 10 January)

​Please see here for more kerbside collection info​.​

​Ruapehu transfer stations are operated under contract by EnviroNZ.


For more information on Transfer Stations please contact Council - 07 895 8188 or 06 385 8364

Taumarunui Landfill - 240 Golf Road Extension - 07 895 6413

  • Mon   10am-5pm
  • Tue    10am-5pm
  • Wed   10am-5pm
  • Thu     Closed
  • Fri      10am-5pm
  • Sat     10am-5pm
  • Sun    1pm-5pm


Landfill Weighbridge

All refuse (with the exception of rubbish bags) being disposed of at the landfill is charged based on weight (per kilogram).  Per kilogram costs are based on the following prices:


  • Domestic waste                               $  150 per tonne
  • Commercial waste                          $  240 per tonne
  • Green waste                                    $   50 per tonne
  • Special waste                                   $  300 per tonne
  • Polystyrene with >20% content   $1,200 per tonne


National Park Transfer Station - Pehi Road

  • Mon    8am-12pm
  • Tue     Closed
  • Wed    1pm-5pm
  • Thu     Closed
  • Fri       Closed
  • Sat      1pm-5pm
  • Sun     8am-5pm


Ohura Transfer Station - Taranui Street

  • Mon    Closed
  • Tue     1pm-5pm
  • Wed    Closed
  • Thu     Closed
  • Fri       1pm-5pm
  • Sat      1pm-5pm
  • Sun     Closed


Ongarue Transfer Station - Cr of Ongarue Waimiha & Ongarue Village Road

  • Mon    Closed
  • Tue     8am-12pm
  • Wed    Closed
  • Thu     Closed
  • Fri       8am-12pm
  • Sat      8am-12pm
  • Sun     Closed


Owhango Transfer Station - State Highway 4

  • Mon   1pm-5pm
  • Tue    Closed
  • Wed   8am-12pm
  • Thu    Closed
  • Fri      Closed
  • Sat     8am-12pm
  • Sun    8am-12pm


Waimarino Transfer Station (Ohakune) - Old Station Road - 06 385 8920

Summer (October-July)


  • Mon    8am-3pm
  • Tue      8am-3pm
  • Wed    8am-3pm
  • Thu     Closed
  • Fri       8am-3pm
  • Sat      8am-3pm
  • Sun     8am-3pm


Winter (July-October)


  • Mon to Thu   8am-3pm
  • Fri, Sat and Sun  8am-5pm​
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