Fees and Charges

​​Dog Control Fees

(Sections 37 and 38, Dog Control Act 1996 and Section 12, Local Government Act 2002)
Note: The following fees were adopted by Council on 29 May 2019.


​Non-Working Dogs​2019/20
​Entire dogs​$142.00
​​Entire dogs - paid by 30 June 2018​$95.00
​Neutered dogs​$97.00
​Neutered dogs - paid by 30 June 2018​$65.00
​Responsible dog owner​$36.00
​Working Dogs
​​Working dog$30.00
​Working dog - paid by 30 June 2018​$20.00
​Hunting Dogs
​Hunting dog​$30.00
​Hunting dog - paid by 30 June​$20.00
​*Note: the hunting dog classification applies only to dogs that are used for pig and deer hunting in the conservation estate – not water fowl hunting dogs
​Dangerous Dog Classification
​Registration at 150% of the level that would apply if the dog were not classified as a Dangerous Dog.  E.g: Non-working entire dog $95.00 x 150% = $142.50
​Dog Impoundings2019/20
​First impounding​$75.00
​Second impounding​$168.00
​Third impounding​$280.00
​Daily sustenance and care​$12.00
Registration Investigation​$30.00
​Surrender Fee​$45.00
​Re-homing Fee​$50.00
​Other Fees2019/20
Dog Replacement Tags​$3.50
​Licence Fee for More than Two Dog Permit​$42.00
​Hire of Dog Trap                            Per Week
                                                         plus bond
​Replacement of Trap​Current cost of replacement value
​Seizure                                            Plus Impounding$70.00​
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