Digital photos and who needs to supply one

Pet dog photo discount discontinued

Dog photos were introduced for pet dogs and hunting dogs to help with dog identification.

Up until now all pet dog owners have been receiving a photo discount whether they had supplied a digital photo of their dog or not, while the system was being set up.

The intention was that from this 2018/19 registration year the universal discount would end and only those pet dog owners who had supplied a photo would retain the discount.

Unfortunately the take-up of this initiative has not been as successful as had hoped, with many owners not supplying a photo.

As such the decision has been made to discontinue the discount for pet dog owners.

Please note on dog photos:

We would still encourage pet dog owners to supply Council with a photo of their dog as it is beneficial if the dog is lost, wanders or is found etc.

Who is required to provide a digital photo?

  • Owners of hunting dogs* - supplying a suitable photo is still a compulsory requirement for this classification. 

*Hunting Dog is a classification that has registration cost benefits. Dog owners who want to take advantage of this benefit must meet specific requirements, please see Dog Classifications.

  • This does not apply to working dogs

When does the photo need to be supplied by?

Hunting dog owners are required to provide a photo as part of next years registration process.

  • The digital photo can be supplied at anytime (owners are encouraged to submit a photo to council before registration fees are called for).
  • There is no additional cost to supplying a digital photo.

What if I am unable to take a photo myself?

If for any reason you are not able to take the photo yourself please call Council customer services at your local Council office (phone numbers bottom of this page) and arrange for one of our staff to take the photo for you.

We can book a convenient time for you to bring your dog into Council or alternatively this can be at your place if this suits you better.

Please do not bring your dog into a Council office without first having an arrangement to do so

What are the digital photo requirements

If you are unsure of the format your camera or phone uses don’t worry as most all use jpeg as the default setting.

Council may need to print a copy of the photo. If taking photo with a phone please check that the picture setting is not set for the web as the small photo size may affect our ability to print a good picture of a useable size.

The photo needs to provide a current accurate representation (photo not more than 3 months old) of your dog including all identifiable markings, fur patterns and colouring. 

Photo should:

  • Show full body and head
  • Best standing, slight angle from front capturing chest
  • Capture all significant identifiable marks
  • Have only the one subject dog in the photo
  • Have no people in the photo - just the dog. Due to privacy issues please do not have any children or other people in the photo.

Images that are obscene, humorous or otherwise will not be accepted.

Page reviewed: 31 May 2018 9:20am