Animal Services

You can call in animal issues at any time (day or night). Emergency services are provided after hours, including:

  • Dog attacks on people or stock.
  • Wandering stock.
  • Animal welfare issues.
  • Any other animal related issue that cannot be reasonably put off until the working day.

Dog Registration Fees

Council's dog registration fee structure is designed to provide a greater level of incentive for dog owners to pay their dog registration fees on time and meet other legal and good owner obligations.

A new pricing model introduced for the 2019/20 registration year has been designed to reward proactive, prompt payment by dog owners rather than penalties for non-compliance which the old pricing model focused on.

Council was aware that there are a significant number of unregistered dogs of all classifications in Ruapehu. It is hoped that the new pricing model will encourage the small number of dog owners that do not register their dog on time (by 30 June every year) to do so.

Follow this link to re-regi​ster your dog on-line​.

Dog Classifications

Ruapehu has four dog registration classifications.

  • Responsible Owner Category
  • (All other) pet dogs​
  • Working dogs
  • Hunting dogs

See the dog classification web page for more information.

Dog Micro-chipping

By law all pet dogs older than three months must be micro-chipped. Council can micro-chip your dog for $20.00. Please call your local Council office to make an appointment.

Digital Photo Information for Pet and Hunting Dogs

To assist with the identification and lost/wandering dogs Council is inviting pet dog owners to provide a digital photo of their pet dog.  The discount previously offered in return for a photo of your dog has been discontinued from the 2018/19 registration year.

Supplying a suitable photo is still a compulsory requirement for hunting dogs.

See the digital photo web page for more information.

Dog Control Annual Report 2019-2020

The Dog Control Amendment Act 2003 requires all councils to make an annual report available on how it has performed against its Dog Control Policy and Practices. Ruapehu District Council's Dog Control and Practice Report​ ​can be viewed here. This Report is for the year ending 30 June 2020.

Dog Control Policy

Council's Dog Control Policy can be viewed here.

The Ruapehu Bylaw​

Council's Ruapehu Bylaw covers the Animal Control Bylaw, Public Places Bylaw and Public Health and Safety Bylaw.


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