Erecting a Headstone or Plaque

Erecting a Headstone

Members of the public are entitled to erect, and are obliged thereafter to maintain, memorials/headstones, but must complete an application form and return to Council prior to any work being done.

An application form requesting permission to erect a headstone is provided at the bottom of this page.

Cemeteries or Areas Without a Concrete Berm

In cemeteries or sections of cemeteries where there are no concrete berms, memorials can be erected at the head of the grave. Full concrete slab covers are permitted in cemeteries that do not have a concrete berm.

Ash Plots

Ash plots vary in shape and width and memorials/headstones can be erected within the available space, provided there are clearances on all sides of 150mm.


Shrubs, trees, flower plants, cobblestones and adornments are not permitted upon any plots, as this makes it difficult and expensive for Council to maintain the plots. Vases or ​​flowers or plant containers housed in inserts within plinths are allowed, if placed in such a manner as approved by Council.

Council's Obligations

  • Council will dig and reinstate the grave.
  • Council will maintain the cemetery in a tidy state. 

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