Civil Defence & Emergency Management

​​Due to its location and environment, New Zealand faces many potential disasters. In some cases, such as a weather-related or volcanic disaster, there may be time for a warning, but an earthquake could strike without warning. All disasters have the potential to cause disruption, damage property, and take lives,  so it's vital that you prepare now.

How prepared are we as a community or individual for the next manmade or natural disaster? Will you cope when disaster strikes? Be prepared... disaster can strike at any time and often without warning.

If a disaster happened now, would you be ready?

Knowing what to do in the event of a disaster can help to keep you and your family safe.

Preparing for a disaster can be quite simple and a good place to start is to visit

Alternatively, pick up a copy of "Are You Prepared" at any Council Office. It has easy to use information on:

  • ​​​Developing a household emergency plan.

  • What you require for your emergency survival kit.

  • What you need for your getaway kit.

  • Preparing for different kinds of disasters.

​There is no "Civil Defence Army" in New Zealand, people must accept responsibility to prepare for the next big one and be able to look after themselves for up to three days without assistance, other than from their neighbours and local community. 

​The role of the Ruapehu District Council is to:

  • Ensure that it is able to function to the fullest possible extent, even though this may be at a reduced level, during and after an emergency.

  • Plan and provide for Civil Defence emergency management within the District.


The Civil Defence and Emergency service aim is:

  • To increase community awareness, understanding and participation in emergency management.

  • To enhance local capabilities to manage emergencies and recover from disasters.

​To learn what is happening and what you should do, tune into the local radio station for updates and messages from Civil Defence. ​

​Manawatu-Wanganui Civil Defence social media page:​

Road information

Members of the public are advised to check the status of roads before they start their journey, as some are closed. People can call 0800 4HIGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49) or visit or


Power information

Powerco provide up to date power information:

The Lines Company:

River levels​​

Up-to-date information on river heights and rainfall is available via Horizons 24 hour toll-free Waterline 0508 4 FLOOD or via our website

Weather information

For weather forecasting information please see


For all fire enquiries and information please contact Fire and Emergency New Zealand

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