Coronavirus-Covid 19


​​All of NZ is now at Alert Level 2 

Life at Alert Level 2

Life at Alert Level 2 means you can resume many of your everyday activities — but you have to do so safely.

  • All businesses can open to customers if they can do it safely. This will help to get people back to work.
  • You can go in-store at businesses.
  • Tertiary education facilities, schools and early learning centres will be open for all ages.
  • You can travel between regions.
  • Initially gatherings like weddings,religious ceremonies and social gatherings can have up to 10 people.
  • You can safely connect and socialise with close friends and family, in groups of 10.
  • You can visit local cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs to have a meal.
  • You can return to your regu​​lar recreation activities, at first keeping to 10 people.

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​Ruapehu Civil Def​ence response​

COVID-19 is a health issue and as such the emergency response is being led by the Ministry of Health and area Health Boards with Council's civil defence capability in support. 
During this public health emergency Ruapehu Civil Defence have been:
  1. ​Supporting DHB response activities 
  2. Supporting the on-going delivery of essential services to maintain public health, safety, security and the necessities of life
  3. ​Community welfare and supporting the vulnerable people in our community

​Transitioning for Recovery.

The official State of Emergency has now ended and Council has wound down its Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). We are working with government and non-government organisations involved in the response phase to transition into recovery.

At Alert Level 2 most people should start getting back to some normality however there is still a need to ensure those that require assistance are cared for. If anyone is in need to support or advice they should continue to call Council on 07 895 8188 or 06 385 8364 and we will ensure that they are connected with the appropriate agencies.​​

Page reviewed: 25 May 2020 11:08am